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The flavor and look of many dishes can be enhanced by adding some garnished cheese over it. The invention of a cheese grater has made our life easier by saving the time and effort required to shred cheese of different textures by hand.

A variety of cheese graters have been designed varying in shapes and sizes. Some are box-shaped while some are rotary. The size of the hole also differs depending on what kind of cheese you want to grate. Graters are mostly commonly used for cheddar, jack or mozzarella cheese. One must be careful while using graters, as they are too sharp to cut your knuckles too.

Always hold the grater firmly while stroking the cheese downwards. Already grated cheese is available in the supermarkets. Many people find it convenient, but I would not recommend it as it is not only expensive but also dries out very quickly. So, it’s better to use freshly grated cheese for the best flavors. Nowadays, everyone uses this small and simple kitchen tool, but either they often become outdated or does not work well as per your requirement. Anyone who is thinking to buy a new cheese grater would definitely find this article really helpful.

Electric cheese grater

electric cheese grater

As mentioned earlier, graters are available in a lot of varieties. So, there are manual ones and the electric ones also. An electric cheese grater is a great kitchen accessory as it is mostly designed for multi-purpose use and allows you to shred or slice not only cheese, but also other foods like ginger, garlic, nuts, chocolates etc. It is usually composed of stainless steel drums that rotate and shred the cheese quickly. There are often separate drums for shredding, slicing and grating. Many of them are rechargeable and cordless hence easily portable without any mess of electric wires.

They are simpler in operation and provides you with the desired results just by pressing a small button. They are preferred over manual graters, as you can grate the desired amount of cheese in less time and by using little effort. There is no risk of damaging your hand or fingers, no matter how much amount of cheese you grate. Being dishwasher safe is another relieving feature of most electric graters that attracts its customers.

Hand cheese graters

hand cheese-grater

Just like many other cheese graters, hand cheese graters are also made of stainless steel that adds durability to the product. The stainless steel and unique blades help in grating cheese smoothly and effortlessly. Simple and easy to use hand graters mostly come with a plastic handle so you can hold the grater firmly and shred the cheese comfortably. They are perfect for smaller quantities of food such as cheese or chocolate.

Being a multi-purpose tool, you can use them for zesting citrus fruits too. Hand graters come in different shapes. Some are way too simpler, probably about the size of a knife. While others come in the shape of four sided box. Each side serves a different purpose. Fine grating, coarse grating, zesting and slicing are the operations of such graters. You can even grate hard foods like vegetables and nuts with the sharp and efficient blades. They often come with a free collection box that helps you in getting rid of any mess and wastage of cheese.

The cheese can be directly grated in the box and you can later put the box along with its lid in fridge, freezer or microwave oven. It is considered a useful addition to the kitchen accessories. Designers have also taken care of adding the feature of dishwasher safety.

Rotary cheese grater

rotary cheese grater

A rotary cheese grater is no more less than any other graters in terms of usability and efficiency. It is no doubt a wonderful kitchen tool to simplify the task of cheese shredding. They are mostly composed of a compartment where you put the cheese, chocolate or nuts to be grated. A handle is used to rotate the stainless steel drum inside which shreds the cheese quickly. The handle is mostly adjustable according to right or left-handed users.

Many companies offer the feature of cylindrical interchangeable drums used for grating, slicing and shredding. The outside body of grater is made up of plastic making it dishwasher safe and lightweight. It can easily resist the stress and won’t crack. It is quite useful for both residential as well as restaurant services.

Unlike the hand graters, it is safe to use and there is no risk of shredding the knuckles along with the cheese. This innovative and quality grater is becoming everyone’s favorite kitchen tool. The excellence and functionality the rotary graters provide is worth spending money on them. The Invention of  this tool has made people realize that freshly grated cheese tastes much better than the one bought from some supermarket.

The best cheese grater

As discussed before, graters differ in style according to different grating needs. People who enjoy cooking and consider it a fun activity for them keep on searching perfect kitchen gadgets.

What I have found after testing most known graters of the kitchen. Most kitchen experts consider the four-sided box grater as the best cheese grater. Its versatility and multi-functioning makes it a preferred choice of professionals. It is not just a grater, but a slicer, a shedder and a zester too. Grating carrots, potatoes, and raisins are no more any hard task if you have a box grater at home.

There is no need to buy different tools for different food items now. This single grater can deliver you the best performance you have ever looked for. No batteries or electricity needed.

Easily portable and dishwasher safe tool is the favorite of kitchen gadget designers as well as cooks.

If you are in the hunt of a new cheese grater, do not forget to give a try to the four-sided box grater. It would reduce both the time and effort required to grate different foods and vegetables.

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