Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT Review

Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT 12-Cup Amazon best seller

The consumer research magazine rated Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT among the top coffee makers of 2011, available in the market. It has been classified as the best item in its category. This coffee maker excels other similar products because of its versatility and various features.







  • It makes really hot coffee.
  • If programmed, it can automatically shut itself down after two hours.
  • The distinctive feature of “pause and serve” lets the coffee maker to serve coffee while being prepared.
  • The cleaning system is quite effective and trustworthy.
  • The filter basket is also appropriate and has great usability.


  • If it is used for a continued period of time, it may generate somewhat plastic like taste in the coffee.
  • Some clients have faced the problem of slight water leakage.
  • It is not perfect for big gatherings and get together.
  • It makes a loud noise while brewing.




Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT 12-Cup Appearance

The smooth and lustrous look of this coffee maker can attract anyone towards itself who is looking for a great and reliable coffee making appliance. Its small size helps in fitting anywhere in your kitchen or office. Color combinations like candy apple and red, white and black or the dual red and black give this gadget an elegant look. The chrome surface of the outer body not only makes this coffee maker a unique product as compared to the regular coffee makers available in the market but also classifies it as a long-lasting and quality product.


Unlimited Features :


The coffee maker is quite handy and comes with easy to change and understandable features. The basket in which we put coffee is removable which simplifies the cleaning process. You can have a cup of coffee just in the middle of the brewing process by the feature of “pause and serve.” You can avoid overflowing of water by keeping a look on water level through the water window present on one side of the coffee maker. Don’t worry if you left your machine on and left the house. The automatic shut-off feature will turn it off after 2 hours and will save you from any loss. There is a thermal and glass detector in the coffee machine which detects the material of jug and adjusts the coffee according to it so one can get the best flavor of coffee.


The Performance :


You can prepare 12 cups of coffee in the glass jug, and if you are using the thermal jug, you can even preserve the warmness of coffee for a long time. The coffee machine can detect the jug automatically, but you can also select it manually by yourself.

Mr Coffee Water FiltrationThe feature of a separable water filtration allows removing 97% of chlorine and many other contaminated objects from the water. So the coffee is prepared with the filtered water to give the best of its taste. Researchers have carried out surveys to prove that Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT prepares coffee in a very less time as compared to other brewing appliances in the market. You can adjust the taste of your coffee from the option of the strength selector. There is sound alarm too, which rings when the coffee is ready.


Ease of use:


It is quite simple to fill the water reservoir also, the water filtration part is easy to use and clean. Hence, the client who is using this appliance for the very first time will find it easy to use and understand for sure.


Carafe handling:



The carafe of this coffee maker is covered with a lid that helps in pouring the coffee without dropping it here and there. The cleaning process is very easy and simple, just wash it out with water.

The verdict
As per the price of the product and the quality of coffee, the Mr.Coffee BVMC is considered as the best seller on Amazon. It suits places like small offices and kitchens, but its use is not recommended for an extended period of time. The look is very simple, so most people do not like its design.The product comes with 1 year of warranty.



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