Review of Nespresso Inissia



  • Very Light Nespresso Machine
  • Compact Design
  • Easy-fill lidded water tank


  • Basic automated drinks
  • DefinedWater Capacity
  • Attached to Nespresso pod system

Design Features

The most positive aspect of the Inissia’s design is its tiny size. With a width of only 12cm, it only takes up a bare minimum of countertop space, which is a relief to both those with a small apartment kitchen, or those with have large kitchens that may already have many appliance competing for room on the counter. It is also available in a variety of colors, allowing you to easily match the Inissia to your current kitchen motif.


Inissia Espresso compact and coloreful designcheck-price1

Interestingly, the lack of width hasn’t had a negative impact on the size of the initial reservoir. While it certainly isn’t the largest water tank on the market at only 700ml, it still holds much more water than expected, especially compared to its initial narrow width.

Thankfully, it has also been fitted with a lid, reducing any spills when transferring the tank between your kitchen faucet and the machine. The Inissia is able to maintain a large reservoir for its size by utilizing the entire height of the machine in the back, rather than trying to fit itself through the front of the machine. This well-conceived features mean that you won’t find yourself refilling your machine after each cup of coffee, which could become quite taxing if you’re serving multiple guests for breakfast or dessert.

Outfitted with a removable drip tray for catching any accidental spills or overflows, the Inissia also features an internal bin for collecting the used coffee pods. This means you can make several drinks before needing to empty it; an excellent feature whether you’re serving party guests, or just trying quickly to brew your own cup on the way out the door in the morning.

Overall the aesthetics of the design are a bit boring, but functionally it really makes excellent use of space, providing the maximum amount of water stored in a minimal amount of space. The length of the power cable is a bit short at 33cm, but it is flexible and should accommodate most modern kitchens.

Ease of Use

On the surface, the Inissia is fairly straightforward to use. With only two buttons to deal with, things don’t get too confusing, and your coffee is normally ready within about 30 seconds of turning the machine on. We say all of this now, because unfortunately the instructions included with the machine make it look quite bit more complicated than it actually is.

Loading the capsule can be an issue at times. If you aren’t able to align the pod in the caddy at just the right angle, you won’t be able to close the machine properly. It may take a few adjustments before you are able to actually start your brewing.

Inissia Nespresso capsule

The dip tray can also be a problem area. The cover is hinged, which is actually a great feature for cleaning; but if you happen to forget, there’s a chance of spilling any accumulated coffee when you pull it out. The hinge also allows for larger cups to be inserted under the machine, so its really a good feature to include.

There is also an optional milk frother, the Aeroccino3, which is quite simple to use. In just 60 seconds, you will have warm frothy milk. There are clear marking to indicate how much milk to add, and a simple one-button operation to heat the milk in the front of the machine.

The lid and whisk are easily removable for cleaning, and when they are returned to the machine, secure themselves with magnets. However, the body of the machine cannot be immersed in water.


Inissia demonstrates comfortable simplicity in the area of its control panel, featuring just two buttons. The first button produces a single espresso shot, while the second button, lungo, allows for a longer pour of coffee. Rather than a power switch, the Inissia remains in sleep mode until either of its two buttons are pressed.

Espresso and Lungo Inissia

As it wakes from its sleep cycle, both of the buttons continuing flashing, indicating that the water is being warmed. Once the water has reached the proper temperature, both buttons will display green light, indicating that you may now make your selection. When finished, you simply press both buttons to place the Inissia back into sleep mode.

To load a coffee pod, simply lift up on the large handle in front of the machine. You will see a caddy for loading your coffee pod. Once you’ve placed your pod in the caddy, simply use the handle to close the machine.

Inissia Espresso High Quality Pump

Despite its size, the Inissia is quite loud when brewing. In fact, it’s so surprisingly loud that we would not recommend it for your desk at work, even though it’s size might make you think it’s perfect for your desk. Unless you want to be the focus of long stares from your colleagues every morning, this machine is best left in your kitchen at home.

Though the noise is a drawback, the Inissia does deliver coffee at an almost perfect temperature of 61C. This makes it ready for drinking almost immediately. However, you should be warned that it does not have a cup warmer, so any espresso purist will have to heat up their cups on their own prior to brewing.

Quality of the Coffee

Although the two button choices may feel limiting at times, the quality of those two options is quite good, and certainly on par with other offerings from the Nespresso line. Mastering the Aeroccino3 milk frother will add to your choices; and the machine offers a maximum pressure of 19 bars for crema.

The texture of the coffee is as rich as you would expect, and the milk and crema are produced in a similar high quality. The taste is excellent as well, smooth without bitterness. For a smaller, more modestly priced machine, the quality is really outstanding.

Inissia Nespresso


The Inissia is an excellent choice for a first pod-based coffee machine. With its small size, simple control design, and quality espresso output, with this small appliance you may find yourself skipping the coffee shop entirely.



8.3 Total Score

Ease of use
Crema and flavor extraction
Compact design
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