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Peelers -we probably use them a lot, but pay close to no attention on how it could possibly be an important tool to invest in. Peelers can be a crucial part of a busy kitchen. In fact, surely no one wants to spend an hour just trying to figure out how to undress an apple, or a potato, so we get whatever peeler is readily available, and at a cheap price at that.

But if you look at it from a different perspective, peelers play a huge role in having the kitchen a fun and easy place to be in. And no matter how great or bad you are at cooking, peelers are very important in any kitchen.


Characteristics of a good peeler

  • Not just the look, but its overall capacity to do its job and do it properly. We need the design to be able to work without rinsing it under water due to clogs around the blade.
  • For repeated use. We don’t want the handle breaking halfway nor our fruits and veggies come out with a messy output because the blade became dull in one use.
  • No one wants to repeat peeling the same part over and over again. We don’t have forever in the kitchen and we don’t want to waste food that comes to peeling extensively.
  • Comfortable to use. We all want to avoid sore fingers after use. So the peeler should be built to accommodate repetitive use without getting sore fingers.

Table of Contents

1.Types of peelers  

2.Specific peelers

3.Best Peeler



Types of peelers

Vegetable Peelers Types

Straight Peelers

Straight peelers resemble a knife. The blade is attached fixed, or on a pivot parallel to its handle. It’s typically single edged but dual edges are also common. These are usually angled for easy, more effective, and effortless position. The edge of the knife is normally shaped into a shallow scoop that can easily dig out blemishes from fruits and veggies.

Swivel Peelers

Swivel peelers are the type of peelers that is attached to a pivot, much like a swivel. Due to this, the blade is easily adjusted onto the surface as pressure is applied while peeling, aiding you to an almost effortless task.

Y Peelers

Y peelers, as the name says, resembles the letter Y. The blade is placed perpendicular to the handle as opposed to the straight peelers, making peeling parallel to its handle. At the end of one side is usually a loop that acts as a tool to remove bad spots on your fruits or vegetables.

Industrial Peelers

Steam can be used to make peeling a breeze. It loosens the surface, making it come off easily. With a dry abrasion peeler, brushes and water sprays, the skin will be removed.

Mechanical Peelers

Mechanical peelers uses mechanism to operate a device for peeling. This includes those such as mechanical apple peelers that when turned on, peels the apple with a single rotating blade. Optionally, it also cores and slices the apple into wedges. Another example are those similar to the Magnascrubber which tumble vegetables such as potatoes, peaches and beets on rubber disc-shaped studs that removes its skin.

Electric Peelers

Electric peelers come in a variety that suits the needs of the user. These are enabled through means of electricity or batteries that creates a significant difference in ease of use compared to manual peeling. A good example is an electric peeler who saves human the task of rotating a handle for it to work.

Ceramic Peelers

Ceramic peelers can go as swivel or Y peeler. Its sharpness lasts longer than steel blades, however, it can’t be sharpened as commonly as your ordinary carbon or stainless steel blades.

Specific peelers

Carrot Peeler

While manual peelers can be used for carrots, there are also the more modern machines which take care of the job. This includes upright carrot peelers, which can be considered the fastest peeling machine and can be comparable to manual peeling.

Apple Peeler

Mechanical peelers are readily available in the market. Most of these have built-in functions that also de-core and slice the apple making it convenient especially if the number is multiplied.

Potato Peeler

The convenience of a single bulk load of peeling potatoes can be a real convenience to any kitchen. These commercial productsVP13 of EasyEquipment can load up to 18kg of potatoes.

Best Peeler

 best vegetable peeler

Ease of use, comfort and durability are three of the most important factors to be considered in any kitchen tool. Despite it being a subjective and would depend on day-to-day use, there are some peelers that stand out among the selection.

The Kuhn Rikon 3-set Original Swiss Peeler is one of the spotted option. It’s a Y peeler and has a carbon steel blade which, in many experiences, lasts longer and sharper than most stainless blades and has a cleaner output. However, carbon steel can easily rust so it should be washed and dried as soon as after use, like generally how kitchen tools should be taken care of.

Another recommended peeler by many is the OXO Good Grips Swivel Peeler. With comfortable handles, twin blades, and built-in eye removal tool for blemishes, it’s ease of use surely hits the spot in any kitchen.

The  Messermeister Pro Touch Swivel Peeler is rated 4.7 of 5 stars by 450+ users on Amazon. It whoops through tough veggies like butternut squash and is highly recommended by Cooks’ Illustrated.

Swissmar Peeler Scalpel Blade is known for working well with hard fruits and vegetables but also for creating thin shavings of chocolate or cheese.

Supported by super sharp stainless steel blades, iPerfect Kitchen Ultra Sharp Stainless Steel Peeler durability for long term use is evident. It has a simple and easy-to-use design, making it a nice peeler for everyday life.


Like any other tools, peelers are not exempted from being judged subjectively. But in the end, we all eye for common characteristics that will maximize its usage- durability, design, smoothness and comfort. Swivel and Y peelers are two of the most common types of peelers. The former with its blade parallel to the handle, the latter perpendicular. Blades use different materials and have their own pros and cons. These include carbon steel blade, stainless steel blade, and even ceramic blade. Modern mechanical and industrial machines are also commercially produced, for easier and faster peeling compared to manual labor.

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